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We are well established manufacturer of polyester since 1992. Our skillful worker enabled us to produce high quality polyester fibre for all our customer constantly. Our fibres is produced by polymers with different viscosities. It has a good resilience and bulkiness because of a permanent spiral crimp.

These polyester are used as filling materials, with the feature of good fluffing ability , elastic resilience and warmth retention. In addition, Conjugate fibre for non-woven and stuffing with high quality has the characteristic of soft feather touch, excellent resilience and bulkiness.

Our product is also granted authorization according to Oeko-Tex Standards 100 to use Oeko-Tex mark. This testing corresponds to national and international standards and regulations and these are continually adapted to ever increasing quality requirements. The requirements for textiles harmless to the skin, their ecologically - friendly production and care are becoming important request from the consumer and the general public.


* Excellent / Permanent resilience and bulkiness
* Soft feather touch
* Warm and light weight
* Bacteria resistance treatment (especially dust-mite resistance)

* Padding (Wadding)
* High-loft
* Duvet toy
* Cushion
* Pillow
* Furniture (Sofa, Mattress, etc)
* Filters